A wide range of power over Ethernet adapters are being produced and manufactured by Ubiquiti Networks. The POE-24-12W-G is another amazing addition to this series. The Ubiquiti Networks makes sure that they deliver a great device that does not lose data during transmission of electricity and data. POE-24-12W-G is one such device which is not only affordable and easily accessible in the market but is also highly reliable. The optional brackets offered with POE-24-12W-G for wall-mounting purposes make this device much more convenient for the users.

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Product Review

This is one of the only few devices manufactured by Ubiquiti Networks that has a Gigbit LAN port. This, POE-24-12W-G, as other models produced by the Ubiquiti Networks, is compatible with airGATEWAY and can be connected to ground cables for better protection. This is an easily mountable and installable device created by Ubiquiti Networks.


  • Reset Button: The POE-24-12W-G comes with a reset button, which allows the user to reset the device whenever required or when the device malfunctions.
  • LED Light: The feature of LED light is available in this product. There are a few of these models which feature the LED light. It allows the user to know if the device is connected or not.
  • Protection: All models from Ubiquiti Networks are loaded with a great protection shield, which reduces data clamping, data loss during transmission; also it reduces electrostatic discharge or ESD attacks. Along with this the device also protects ground data surging.


  • One of the very few models to come with Gigbit LAN ports
  • It can be reset whenever required


  • Some devices may have a different LED light other than the one placed near the port


If you need a powerful PoE adapter, this is the device for you. Ubiquiti Network’s POE-24-12W-G comes loaded with exceptional features and warranty.


น้ำหนัก 0.994 kg
ขนาด 8.7 × 4.6 × 3.3 cm

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