UAP-AC-LR is a Wi-Fi system developed by Ubiquiti Networks. Its primary motive is to enhance the performance of enterprises and to provide them with a feasible solution for network connectivity issues especially when multiple clusters of small networks are involved. The UAP-AC-LR possesses a refined design that makes installation and usage simpler.

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The primary advantage of UAP-AC-LR is its scalability. This term suggests that the capacity of the network can be increased to make it capable of handling larger amounts of data or load.

The UAP-AC-LR supports a dual-band access point. This simply means that an access point can send and receive data in separate bands. An interesting feature of UAP-AC-LR is that it supports an antenna that can handle both the frequency bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) in a single Access Point.

The UAP-AC-LR comes with a UniFi Controller Software which can be installed from anywhere. Yesteryear technologies used hardware controllers, but UniFi employs a no-dedicated software controller which can be can be used on an on-site PC, Mac or Linux machine. This lets the controller change the settings based on the network traffic and also analyze performance.

The latest in Wi-Fi technology is used in UAP-AC-LR. This uses an AC MIMO technology. MIMO stands for Multiple Input, Multiple Output. This is technology wherein multiple antennas can be mounted at both the source and destination end for simultaneous transmissions.

The UAP-AC-LR supports a wireless uplink technology. This is primarily used to increase the range of the network. A single UniFi uplink can facilitate around four wireless downlinks on a single operating frequency band. Hotspot support is another add-on, this also includes authentication so as to limit the number of users.

The UAP-AC-LR is a powerful device that has the potential to provide breakthrough communication among enterprises and public networks.


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ขนาด 17.57 × 17.57 × 4.32 cm

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