The US-48-500W of Unifi that is managed by PoE+ switch model is equipped with gigabit 48 RJ45 Port of 500 W avails the forwarding capacity to concurrently measure the traffic on all the ports at the line rate without any package loss. The switch model US-48-500W also offers a complete non-blocking amount of about 70 Gbps. The switch model US-48-500W also provides the option for fiber connectivity for better expansion to all your network areas.

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Product Review
The Unifi Switch consists of two consecutive SFP ports for uplinks of about 1 Gbps. Failing which, the Unifi Switch auto-detects the 802.3af/at devices and eventually receive the PoE and 24V of passive PoE automatically to supply power to some devices on the network. The port of US-48-500W switch model also adds two SFP+ ports for high-proportion uplinks of up to 10 Gbps with the help of which you can directly connect your network to a storage server with high-performance or adopt a long-distance uplink to the other switch.

The US-48-500W switch model supports a comprehensive suite of improved layer-2 of switching features as well as protocols. The model also can provide layer-3 routing ability. The model accommodates consistently into the platform of Unifi software-defined networking (SDN) to develop a highly accessible system of network devices that can run across some locations and can be controlled from only one interface.

  • Auto-sensing IEEE 802.3 af/at PoE.
  • 48-gigabit RJ45 ports along with two consecutive 2 SFP and SFP+ ports.
  • One serial console port that you can sue for future use.
  • The switching capacity of the model is 140 Gbps.

Things you will get in the box:

  • Ubiquiti networks US-48-500W Unifi switch.
  • Power cord.
  • Four mounting screws.
  • Four cage nuts.
  • One year warranty period.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Ability to do dynamic VLANs on the port.


  • Not available outside the US.

You can certainly get this switch model in the best price from the local markets or from the online stores for maximum benefit.


น้ำหนัก 4.8 kg
ขนาด 48.5 × 4.37 × 28.54 cm

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